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How we work?
  • We understand the nature of fashion  business & capture product information with respect to its construction, fabric, trims, packing & folding methods in written format known as Tech pack.
  • Conduct “product production feasibility” to finalize the vendor base for its production.
  • Conduct “Product quality plan” to ensure product is produced with its desired quality, every bodies participation is required to achieve total quality of product.
  • We conduct S.W.O.T analysis considering both internal & external factors about the vendor capability or particular product / category complexity to avoid last minute surprises or errors.
  • We are always updated on new trends of Manufacturing & supply chain so that to cut short the lead time as much as possible.
  • Buyers are always kept in loop for product review & approval at all preproduction stage just before starting the bulk production.
  • Personalized sampling/product development.
  • Fabric and material sourcing.
  • Factory evaluation & setting up Q.A. Standards.
  • Negotiating prices, placing orders and monitoring from inspection through delivery along with cargo movement. 
  • Quality Assurance and supervision of shipments as per AQL Standards.
  • Quarterly market update report on what the competition is doing in the Indian Market.
  • Set up Quality Assurance standards/systems in factories.
  • Deliver quality product always on time as we believe in "A job well done is a reward in itself".
  • Have a strong vendor base in India and production capabilities in Bangladesh. This gives us a sharp edge to move around in different countries and manufacture right product in the right place.
  • Have a full team of experts who do compliance evaluation of factories namely technical, social, security.
  • Always work as a team to achieve goals ("Together everyone achieves more….). 
  • Believe in and build long-term relationships. 
Healthy Working Environment

Sourcing is not only buying raw materials, it also means how we procure and manufacture it. We practice responsible sourcing in every step. Our production and manufacturing unit (partners) believe in NO to child labour and adhere to labour norms. High quality products are delivered from safe and hygienic environs